Win-Win-Share Relationships

In 1959, when Glenn A. Wilkie started this business as a General Contractor… business was accomplished with a handshake and a person's word was their bond of responsibility and obligation, that is….a Partnership. Today, even with the many current contractual litigation issues, we still feel the same way.

Once stated - A construction project is an artful combination of planning, products, people and services, all of which come together at the right time and price, to meet the clients needs and expectations.

Partnering is not a contract, but the recognition that every contract includes an applied agreement of good faith, trust, commitment and responsibility. Successful completed projects means Win-Win-Share Relationships from beginning to end including "all" members of the Team... Owner... Architects… Engineers... Contractor - Subcontractors and Suppliers.

Relationships are a continuous journey, which...when implemented...every day...on every project which will bring dramatic visual and financial improvements to all parties...In Time, Money and Quality of the End Product!




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