Value Added Services - Virtual Expertise

As professionals, we have the experience and capacities, which is one of the most valuable resources that we bring to our clients. To do this:

  • We strive to look for project partners who are technology savvy in planning, design, cost estimate scheduling, and project management.   
  • Wilkie's Team flexibility allows us to combine specialized Team abilities into the best and the most efficient means and methods to meet the needs of the project, while providing a superior service and peace of mind to our clients.
  • Budgeting is the art and science of measuring schematical or conceptional drawings, calculating quantities and finally calculating the cost and profit margin. Virtual modeling-based approach to estimating, contractors find that they can estimate in the same or even a short period of time with fewer mistakes. 

Estimating: Where Quality Meets Value

  • Wilkie utilizes customized estimating software to clearly define, track and manage a competitive pool of subcontractors who are identified and hand-selected based on trade, technical competence, geography, bonding, capability, financial strength, and working relationships with Wilkie.
  • We develop an estimate to create a workable schedule or build the project.  Wilkie takes drawings and turns them into a virtual model; contractors can discover design inconsistencies easily and remove these quickly before the construction phase of the construction can begin. The estimators have a much higher chance of estimating correctly the cost and the quantities. Thus eliminating costly documentation errors, which are the biggest enemy to a Contractor in trying to deliver and project on-time and on-budget.

Planning: Reducing the Error Factors through Virtual Modeling -

If there is a single factor that decides a successful construction project, it is advanced and continuous planning and careful attention to detail at every level and step...from preconstruction...to estimating...to scheduling...to on-site management and building quality controls.

Scheduling: Putting Time On Your Side – Time overruns impact everyone from the Owner to the Contractor to the Subcontractor that face the eventuality of costly project starts and stops.  Two major scheduling aspects will come out of virtual modeling construction which will allow our project management to do a significantly better job in planning and scheduling.  These are location and quantity, which results in less wasted effort, less idle time and fewer on-site conflicts. Schedulers will obtain more accurate information to make better schedules.

Summary - Virtual Modeling is a better project communication tool to communicate to all parties involved with significantly less risk that a project will go badly.  The virtual model-based approach provides better understanding in every stage in the process.  The Owner understands what they are getting. Contractors understand their assignments with better controls for the overall project.  The field personnel quickly understand the task at hand to meet schedule and performance expectations.   



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