Systems and Solutions – The Building Blocks of Success

Have you ever been in this building position?

"I know that I need something: but I'm not sure what construction information or resources that I need. Where do I get this information? I need answers, but don't know the questions!"

Are you thinking to yourself?

"What should my budget be? Is it enough? Is it practical? Can this be built? Should I renovate…expand or build new? How long should it take for me to get my project designed and built?"

"What should the building program and scope of work include? What are job costs and not job costs? What are my contract procurements choices? Where do I get this information? How do I select my Contractor?"

Have you ever needed a Partner? 

I need individuals to help me put together a realistic construction budget, schedule, etc. However, I haven't totally defined or know the scope of my project…much less how to launch it or begin to set up the procedures for a successful project".

"Where do I start? With whom do I start?"


For more than 40 years, Wilkie has served our clients by Partnering through providing a single-source: up-front look and evaluation of budgets, schedules, sites, building concepts and systems, project delivery, contract methods, and development options. We do this in several ways which can be customized to meet your specific need and budget via preconstruction services agreement.

Wilkie Construction Company offers to you the answers to your questions, solutions and the support needed from: planning, cost estimates, scheduling, programming, design and construction needs. The answers to these questions and others can be obtained within our website, our brochure or by contacting the corporate executives or management at Wilkie.

Wilkie offers at any project stage quick response and answers to these preconstruction questions and more – from the beginning with the planning, onto pre-design, then into design and finally the construction contract process….which delivers your project successfully!....on Time…and on Budget.

Since Time is Money – you need to make these choices - early.



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