Several years ago, Wilkie Construction Company made the decision to take Safety off our list of priorities and add it to our list of Core Values. Priorities have a tendency to change. However, Values remain constant. As well as our Core Values including delivering a quality project; delivering the project on time; delivering within budget;…we need the Project being built safely. A successful project depends on a level of safety commitment by every Team Member.

As part of our Mission to be the best in everything that we do…we extend this mission requirement to our construction safety policy and practices. It is a Core Value of Wilkie Construction Company to provide a healthy, safe, clean and enjoyable working environment for our employees, our subcontractors and our clients.

At Wilkie, we take the Core Value approach that our safety goal is to provide our people with the best equipment, the best training and the best working conditions. Wilkie's formal safety program begins from our employment hiring – built into our estimating process through preconstruction stages and finally until project completion. We empower our employees and provide them with tools to perform their work safely. We give our project superintendents and project managers the authority to do what is needed to achieve our safety goals to have the lowest insurance rates and no OSHA fines.

We also expect every subcontractor who works on our projects to embrace and actively support our safety philosophy. We expect them to provide their management support and expertise to achieve project safety to be part of our Team. Everyone on the project Team has the responsibility for safety.

In some states the Contractor's Mod cannot go lower than .65; however, Wilkie expects all subcontractors on their projects to have an Experienced Mod Rate of not greater than 1.0. Our low accident rate (MOD) is attributable to outstanding safety practice of our Company's policies and procedures. We endeavor to achieve Safety by constantly training our employees, educating our subcontractors, and constantly thriving to improve our work safe environment. As well as our authority and responsibility to stop and or change any work act which is seen as a hazard, we expect all construction employees and visitors to do also.

Achievement of safety is a continual process of improvement - everyday. We uphold our focus on safety through an objective of zero accident tolerance. Working safely is part of Wilkie's cultural character. To this end, every job is checked for proper wear, language and music; a clean, safe and orderly jobsite; and a weekly safety meeting with Trade Contractors. 

Providing work safety and meeting those safety goals pays its own dividends.  Equally important, we treat your project and staff with utmost respect because we are guests in your home.


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