Pre-Construction Services

Experience…. What Wilkie calls Pre-Construction Service Contract vs the Rest of the Industry.

At Wilkie Construction Company, we put our years of construction experience to work on your project during the design phase with preconstruction services for GC, D/B or CM contracts. We have proven our ability to actively engage and communicate with you on the Team. Now, when tied to our proven processes for cost management, scheduled control, and quality assurances you will end up with a building designed and systems to reach your budget needs.

Our Preconstruction Department is a Team of dedicated, trained professionals who seek creative solutions and alternatives to solve today's building challenges. We work collaboratively with our clients and our design teams in an open-book environment from conceptual beginning to project completion.

Wilkie has a powerful resource of experienced confident staff associates. Associates with specific expertise in costing, planning, building and delivery of projects that is on parallel with a Fortune 400 Contractor. Our staff expertise when combined with local market knowledge including subcontractors and vendors, have made Wilkie a construction leader in a wide variety of market segments in the Southeast.

To determine…"How a project" will be constructed and delivered is one of the critical and pre-construction aspects to a successful project.

Pre-Con Services by Wilkie means:

  • We respond quickly
  • We have a can do attitude…when there is little or no information available
  • We will Address "ALL" aspects and questions of your project.
  • We will provide the "Right Partnership Team"
  • We provide Concept Sketches – or Virtual Modeling  
  • We have Project Delivery: Planning and Review of Construction Documents
  • We provide Site Evaluation and Building expansion possibilities
  • We create Building Scope of Work
  • We provide Building and System Designs with options and Value analysis
  • We provide Total Project Budgeting and Cost analysis/evaluations
  • We provide Total Project Scheduling
  • We provide Subcontractor/Vendor Evaluation and Recommendation

Wilkie's preconstruction team provides our clients with project planning, site assessment, building design and systems analysis, value engineering project budgets and construction scheduling. We look at the whole construction process in order to consider the vital and critical construction logistic items; project phasing; project scheduling; owner and contractor management issues; contractor procurement, construction strategy and job safety. Our analytical pre-construction approach allows us to identify and solve many of these construction issues early. Whereby, we have prevented these problems from arising during the construction process, thus not delaying completion and adding costs to all parties.




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