Market Segments - Expertise

Wilkie Construction Company is a people-oriented group relying on skilled and experienced individuals, who are dedicated to exceptional client service and optimum project performance.  We are committed to schedule and on-time delivery while providing quality without sacrificing the rules of building economics and costs. 

Most importantly, we are committed to staying at the forefront of our industry.  Today and everyday, our advancing business innovation and technological improvements continue to set us apart from our competitors.

You will find that Wilkie is very focused and comprehensive, but also very confident and cost-efficient.  We ave built a great business history for ourselves over the last fifty years. 

So, if you are considering a project…consider us in your thinking.  Let us help you build your next project that will be as equally impressive to you as to prior or current clients!. 

We invite you to look at our market expertise as follows:


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Corporate Offices
Retail: Mall - Strip Centers - Anchors or Mixed Use
Logistics: Distribution & Warehouse
Food & Beverage
Banking & Financial
Life Sciences: Pharmaceutical & Laboratory
Data & Technology
Aviation & Parking Structures
Golf Course: Clubhouse Centers And Complexes
Sports & Entertainment

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Retirement or Senior Living Centers
Adult Care or Assisted Living

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Manufacturing Facilities
Process Facilities

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Fellowship Hall/Sanctuary
Multi-Purpose Facilities
Classroom Additions
Family Life Centers
Educational Wings
Retreat Assemblies

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K thru 12 and Colleges & Universities

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Luxury Residential
Apartments: Multi-Family Or Mixed Use
Resorts & Hotels/Motels

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Public Assembly
Institutional "Committed" Facilities
Public Utilities: Facilities & Underground
Highways And Bridges

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Historical or Monumental
Green Buildings - High Performance (LEEDS Certification)
Special Projects
Distressed Project Takeovers
Disaster Recovery: Fire-Water-Wind


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