General Construction

As a Traditional General Contractor, we assume responsibility for a project once precise design criteria have been set forth in working drawings and specifications. Theoretically, all general contractors should construct buildings that are identical with the completed drawings and are completed on the scheduled date and within the project budget. In reality, such is not the case.

What is General Contracting work? When we receive your final drawings, Wilkie will perform complete construction services for your project from estimating to contract to construction. Wilkie will hire all subcontractors and suppliers, as well as coordinate all job-site activities related to the success of your project. Wilkie Project Managers and Superintendents understand the importance of open communication with the Owner during the construction process. We will provide a multiple means to keep and document the satisfactory flow of information between the parties. Wilkie prides itself in exceeding all construction fundamentals: cost control, schedule control, quality control, subcontractor-supplier control, communications and safety.

Contract Aspects - An Owner should carefully consider which type of  Construction contract better suits his needs consider in the selection of the type of General Contract: the construction budget; construction design time; equipment and material delivery requirements; construction phasing; construction complexity; and availability of subcontractors and vendors within the market. We have retained the true "hands-on" professional staff associates and field superintendents capable of performing many construction trades with our own forces.

Representation - However, the General Contractor does not represent the Owner in this type of contract as does a Design-Build (D-B) or a Construction Manager (CM) in those types of contracts.

To differentiate us from our competitors hinges upon our ability to prove our expertise and our diligence in closely overseeing the subcontractors work being budget conscious and a dedication to deadlines. An ability which is in reality a matter of Contractor attitude. We exemplify harmony, foresight, coordination, cooperation in working with other Team members which is critical

At Wilkie Construction Company, we have consistently achieved our clients’ budget, quality and schedule goals. Their success…is our success!!



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