Design - Build

Design-Build is "Total Services" construction delivery solution that uses a single source responsibility to perform the construction of a project from beginning to completion. For the Design-Build delivery system to work properly, the Owner must provide a clear and definite scope of work and conceptual design for the project to any prospective Design-Build contractor.

This is the contractual arrangement whereby we assume with the client-owner approval the major portion of the contractual design and cost aspects including representing the Owner on financial decisions for certain cost aspects of the project.

Wilkie as the Design-Build Contractor will have the single contractual accountability for the project not only including project design concept, but the final design and construction documents and project scheduling. We have the contractual requirements of hiring and employment of the architectural design Team; subcontractors and vendors for a specific contractual arrangement with the Owner including coordination of the Owner's involvement and subcontractors.

We use the key reason for using the Design-Build contract approach to save time and cost, particularly with respect to the time and cost of coordination between the architect and general contractor (i.e. Wilkie). This approach also allows us an early project delivery with a guaranteed maximum price even before completion of the final design.

By using the Design-Build contract approach, Wilkie is able to overlap design and construction efforts which allow a significant savings of Time and Money plus an earlier occupation and utilization of your facility for faster return on your investment.



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