Delivery Systems

Wilkie Construction Company works within various project delivery formats, including (traditional or negotiated) General Contractor; Design-Build or Construction Management.   Regardless of the delivery format, Wilkie takes a proactive Team approach in our delivery of construction services.  Whether you're new to the construction process or seasoned veteran, we are confident that our collaborative Team approach will ensure delivery of a successful project.

Traditional Bid vs. Team Model – Negotiated; Design/Build or Construction Management

The Traditional Model for general construction over the years called for this:  Architect designs, contractors bid the drawings, the low bid is selected and work begins.  These types of contracts sole appeal is the perception of a simple contract process The separation of services between architect and contractor will miss many design, systems and money savings opportunities yet increases project delivery time.

Negotiated - Design/Build or Construction Management Team Approach

The key to this better construction approach is having the Contractor join the project team early in the process.  This allows the Owner, Architect and Contractor to work together through design and construction, supporting one another with good information.  All members have a clear understanding and a common focus of meeting the project goals.

The Owner, Architect and Contractor will work together from planning and throughout the design process by evaluating alternatives early on and continually pricing designs and systems as they change.  Collaboration is encouraged from the beginning to the final design while embodies practicable construction solutions without losing its integrity.

Our estimators, project managers and superintendents are experienced working in this environment and have the capacity to draw on the collective resources of Wilkie in providing this Time vs. Money insight.

What are the benefits of the Team Model Approach?

  • Cost certainty
  • Faster, tighter completion
  • Superior workmanship
  • Wilkie buying power
  • Personnel committed to Time vs. Money
  • The success of the Client and our Team Mission


What about competitive bidding?

One of the common misconceptions about the Team model approach is that it eliminates competitive bidding.  On the contrary, competitive bidding is alive and well.  With Wilkie, every section of work is bid competitively in the subcontractor and vendor marketplace.  The advantage is that we spend time with qualified bidders to ensure their understanding of the design and your expectations.  Better bids.  No surprises.  Ultimate cost control.

The Value Factor of:   Negotiated; Design-Build or Construction Management Contracts

The Value of Wilkie is the experience and knowledge that we add to your team.  In any project, the decisions made at the earliest stages of planning and design are the ones that largely determine final project cost.  We support the architect with the most current construction information and costs and project success.  Alternative materials and building systems are reviewed rapidly to capture savings in Time and Money, or to gain improvements in building performance, systems, and maintenance.

As a Team, we offer construction techniques that support your vision by identifying affordable ways to build the project.  We view ourselves as an extension of your staff.  We help you to construct facilities we are all proud of, rather than merely fulfilling traditional contractual obligations.

Type of Contract Delivery System

Some aspects to be considered by the Owner/Client in the selection of the Contract Delivery System are:  construction budget; construction design time; equipment and material delivery requirements; construction phasing; construction complexity; and availability of subcontractors and vendors with the market.  The Owner/Client should carefully consider which type of construction contract (Traditional) or Team Model (General – D-B or CM) better suits his needs and is equally fair to the General Contractor in a Win-Win-Share Relationship.

In any delivery system, Wilkie will perform and complete construction services for your project.  Wilkie will hire all subcontractors and suppliers, as well as coordinate all job-site activities related to the success of your project.  Wilkie Project Managers are Superintendents understand the importance of open communication with the Owner during the construction process.  We will provide multiple means to keep and document the satisfactory flow of information and communications between the parties.  Wilkie prides itself for exceeding all construction fundamentals:  cost control, schedule control, quality control, subcontractor control, communications and safety.

You Decide….We Provide!



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