Culture - Core Values

Experience...the Wilkie Difference

Integrity – A good name that represents integrity is the most important building material to have.  To have this, a good name needs a great deal more attention than any other material with which you build.  Therefore, to uphold your reputation for integrity is compulsory and irreplaceable, but well worth it.   

Ethics – Uncompromising integrity, honesty and fairness are the heart and soul of our company.  We are proud to be one of the few family owned construction company's with a large and diverse portfolio of successful completed projects.  As such, both your business and personal characteristics comes into play.  Ethics being one of them!

Satisfied Clients – Why we make short list is that we make our clients successful. Wilkie credits quality work and putting the client first as key ingredients for a 75% repeat business. Taking care to preserve and build our reputation while being sure that both parties are successful is also a key.  Satisfied clients will come back to you in more ways than you can imagine, and they will tell the world about you.  Dissatisfied clients will do the opposite.  It is the only way to grow and build relationships. 

Delivering Excellence – Acceptable is separated from excellence by a thin blue line.  If there is one universal hallmark in this organization, it is an unwavering commitment to excellence on every project.  We set high standards.  We apply advance technology.  We continually innovate, improve and thrive on challenge, accomplishment and success.  We welcome challenges and issue regular rules of quality and discipline plus fresh thinking that keep the project moving forward for successful completion.  Whenever and wherever project opportunities arise – locally or regionally we offer the experience, personnel, problem-solving skills and corporate commitment to deliver quality work and service.  We strive to go beyond the merely acceptable to achieve excellence. That is why we are the premier company that we are today. 

Partnership Commitment – As your construction partner, we don't just work for you, we work with you – serving as an extension of your staff.  It's an attitude that requires flexibility and accommodating unexpected needs. From our clients to our employees, we feel that one of our greatest assets is our ability to partnership with endless sources.

Open Book – Good honest relationships are the lifeblood and backbone of our business.  Ambiguity and gray areas have damaged many customer/client relationships.  We work in a collaborative, open-book environment bringing the most-effective solution to each project.   

Hire and Retain the Best – Commitment to one another and a need to do what is right is the key. We are committed to working with people who are the best, whether they work for you, or us.  After all, people built Wilkie and vice versa. 

Committed to Diversity – With diversity comes unlimited opportunities.   Wilkie is committed to the diverse growth and success of our clients, our subcontractors, our suppliers, our employees and to our company.

Sustained Ability – We plan and act for the future – For the long-term good of our Company, our Customers, and our World.  After all, we have been doing and living by these core values for five decades. 

In Summary, the Wilkie Difference is:

  • The Differences among contractors hinge upon their expertise, their diligence is closely overseeing the subcontractors work; budget consciousness and a dedication to deadlines - which is a matter of Contractor attitude. We work in harmony with other Team members to achieve the crucial aspects of coordination, cooperation, procedures, performance expectations to help avoid delays and problems. We make critical decisions quickly and efficiently based on project Team evaluations and the need to prevent project delays and cost over runs.
  • The biggest issue facing both the Contractor and the Owner in the next decades is the high-level of cost escalation coupled with a shortage of quality and key subcontractors with skilled labor forces. We understand this and align ourselves and our clients in Team collaboration involving Wilkie, our professionals, and our selected subcontractors and suppliers and the building designs and systems to discover project constructability, to realize job restraints or restrictions to increase productivity and to obtain realistic job cost estimates.
  • We understand our construction markets and project image are critical objectives of our customer. We concentrate and focus our services on the successful completion of those objectives. We deliver comprehensive construction services that will meet the client's project needs from concept...to start...to finish.
  • We have worked with some of the most highly respected companies in the USA. At Wilkie, we are committed to supporting our client's future building needs - wherever they may be.

The bottom line...We succeed...when You succeed. Wilkie has been succeeding since 1959.






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