Executive - Summary
Gregory A. Wilkie, President. (left)
Dean E. Wilkie (right)

Wilkie Construction Company, Inc. is not a volume driven organization! Why? As the Company Founder, Glenn A. Wilkie, often told his sons and associates: "Growing and expanding too quickly without leadership, skilled and experienced personnel, training, and satisfactory financial resources will cost you...$$$$$...plus...time will teach you some very valuable business lessons and experiences. Be careful, think and plan wisely….otherwise "you could pay a very high price". Always remember and follow these two adages ...Business and Life is all about (a) the relationship of Time versus Money...and (b)..in construction ...Profit Thrills... Volume Kills!

When applying ingenuity and integrity in our daily lives and business, we can manage and measure quality, performance, growth and repeat business. The objective of meeting and exceeding quality, performance and professional expectations of our clients is instilled into every Company employee.

Our Executive's Pledge to Our Clients

Opportunities provide Partnerships

Partnerships means Teamwork

Teamwork promotes Collaboration

Collaboration needs Communication

Communication promotes Project Management

Project Management compels Project Controls

Project Controls makes for Success

Success Means Win/Win/Share

The Company's business philosophy on client service can be stated as..."We will provide high standards of client services, values and project performance. Our business objectives and goals will never shrink, but will grow and be developed and expanded by each of our employees... everyday of our lives."

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Dean E. Wilkie
Greg A. Wilkie


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