Company Heritage
Glenn A. Wilkie
Founder - Chairman of the Board

1913 - 1980  Local Newspaper
April 10, 1959


Wilkie Construction Company was established in the Hickory, NC; Metro area in 1959. Glenn A. Wilkie (CEO 1913-1980) and his successors since, have built a rock solid construction business by the belief in:

  • High principles: high standards of quality and job performance
  • Successful management capabilities and ethics.
  • A commitment to deliver a project on time and under budget by providing excellent value for every dollar spent.
  • High personal standards with honesty and fair play. Standards that will never shrink, but are always growing and improving every day makes us successful. 
  • Today, these commitments still stand within the next generation.

In the 1970's Wilkie Construction's second generation, Dean and Greg Wilkie, entered the company in management positions. With their introduction of modern construction techniques Company growth and market prominence progressed rapidly.

Wilkie quickly became a company noted for bringing high quality to its customers while keeping with the client budgetary demands and fast-track construction needs especially in the negotiated Design-Builder project area.

As their reputation grew, Wilkie's client base and market service area expanded throughout the Carolinas and the Southeast. Wilkie gained market recognition in General Construction; Design-Build and CM management of complex large commercial, industrial, health care and institutional projects.

Wilkie Construction Company Inc.
Corporate Offices


Construction experience - Wilkie is very proud of the fact that our construction Team continuous employment exceeds fifteen (15) years at Wilkie.

Wilkie Construction is not a volume driven organization. Our goal is to provide exceptional service, performance and superior handicraft in the construction markets. Historically, the Company's annual sales volume averages over 25 to 40 million dollars - mainly in the markets of commercial, health care, industrial and institutional.

We measure our success by having satisfied, successful and repetitive customers who look to and trust Wilkie Construction to provide valuable construction services to them....every day.



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